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Chiptunes Orchestra – Nuit Blanche 2011


    Co-Artist / Co-Curator / Lead Producer

    Having applied as an independent artist, was granted TIFF Bell Lightbox’s largest Cinema for Nuit Blanche 2011, where I co-curated and acted as lead producer on the Royal Canadian Chiptunes Orchestra, an all-night non-stop 12hr concert comprised of 16 bands enjoyed by thousands of dancing visitors as a mix of live music and giant-screen video games came together on stage.




    Nuit-Blanche 2011: The Royal Canadian Chiptunes Orchestra!

    The 2011 edition of Toronto’s all-night-art-thing, Nuit Blanche, saw Cinema 1 of TIFF Bell Lightbox welcome over five thousand visitors as it was filled to the brim with bits, bytes, and beats as live music and big-screen video games came together on stage. 


    This night of gaming-inspired music was curated by Nick Pagee, Kate Dickson, Shaun Hatton and Jonathan Guberman, in partnership with Site 3 coLaboratory and TIFF Nexus.

    Trailer by the always-fresh animators at PYRAMID ATTACK.

    ENDLESS FILMS provided intense levels of video support, directing the filming and processing over a terabyte of HD footage all in one night.

    Interactive artist and game designer Tino Kapataneas created our awesome isometric pixel art of TIFF’s building, “the Lightbox” that you see above here, it was also used in the trailer.

    Official Trailer by Pyramid Attack!

    Our trailer was conceived and animated by super fresh Toronto-based animation wizards PYRAMID ATTACK – thanks again Sean and Arv!

    Custom Chiptunes Instruments!

    Co-conspirator and not-evil genius Jonathan custom-designed these electronic noise makers. A limited edition run of 150 were made and handed out to the first several rows of the audience for the special midnight performance from the Royal Canadian Chiptunes Orchestra.

    MAKING OF INSTRUMENTS VIDEO: A handy video-recipe courtesy of the TIFF Bell Lightbox’s Content Capture Department on what it takes to make a rockin’ Nuit Blanche project. Featuring the music of Jeff The World and the busy hands of Team TIFF Nexus, Ryerson Students and the fine folks of Site 3 coLaboratory.



    Pics and Vids

    Awesome Force (People Rushing Stage)

    Radius & Helena Showed Up With a Concept Performance Inspired by METROID

    Radius & Helena live at the awesome Chiptunes event during Nuit Blanche 2011 in Toronto, at the TIFF Bell Lightbox.

    Visit for more info!

    Visit for more info!



    7-7:30 Royal Canadian Chiptunes Orchestra
    7:30-8 Battle Lava
    8-8:30 Deadbeatblast followed by .exe
    8:30-9 Radius and Helena
    9-9:30 Oxvylu
    9:30-10 Cybernetic Orchestra
    10-10:30 Freque
    10:30-11 Awesome Force
    11-11:30 Royal Canadian Chiptunes Orchestra
    11:30-12 Deadbeatblast
    midnight-12:30 Jeff the World
    12:30-1am Radius and Helena
    1am-1:30 Starpilot
    1:30-2 Tetris Hold’em
    2-2:30 bossFYTE
    2:30-3 DJ Finish Him
    3-3:30 bossFYTE
    3:30-4 Freque
    4-4:30 Awesome Force
    4:30-5 Free Play Open Mic Period
    5-5:30 Press Start 2 Play
    5:30-6 Starpilot
    6-6:30 Spell ‘n Math
    6:30-7 Spell ‘n Math


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