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Experiments in Software + Hardware 2010-2011


    Studying Experience and Interaction Design, I'm Becoming Increasingly Skilled In:

    I discovered a love of creative software development and hardware hacking while attending the Ryerson New Media 4yr intensive design program 2009-2013.


    These are just a couple of dozens of various (not as showable) prototypes built over the course of my amazing time there.



    Processing/Java, C/Arduino, am currently learning C++, Javascript, already strong w/HTML+CSS.

    Electronics / Physical Computing

    I’ve been hooked on learning electronics and playing with sensors, motors, making things move in the real world and the exciting intersection between network and machine communications.

    Interaction Design

    I am an empathetic and user-oriented designer working to increase my skills in interaction design, human-machine communications, interface development, UX, experience design along with their underlying creative and research processes.


    FUTV (early 2011)

    FUTV is a small device that joins wifi-RF connectivity with Mitch Altman’s brilliant “TV B Gone” circuit. The circuitry is all contained in an inconspicuous utility panel box that can be stuck onto the wall of any bar or restaurant where you might want to have discreet control over their televisions, making FUTV Toronto’s Number One Channel for No News, No Sports, or No TV Entertainment.


    PLASMATA (2010)

    nick pagee, Jonathan Seguin, Tino Kapetaneas

    Prototyping for a colour-based multi-player large-scale game wherein you are able to use your fingers to mix and match coloured fireballs of plasma and hurl them at each other in a battle of colour theory wits. This is V1 and V2 of prototype, once we have time Jon, Tino and I are keen to finish this in a large scale 2player table-top format.




    Completed for a physical computing class with plans to build a larger art piece based on this prototype. This is an automata that embodies the story of Eadweard Muybridge’s first capture of the motion of a horse and turn those representations into moving images in the period of 1877-78. Lights that accompany the automata both echo the camera flashes used by Muybridge, while also casting shadow silhouettes of the horse onto a wall in direct reference to the original stills comprising his moving images. This is the key moment where the horse runs across the tripwires in rapid succession, capturing the animal’s movement into a series of iconic photographs.

    MorseBot! (2010)

    Custom Made Morse Code to Twitter Machine

    Morse encoded button presses sent by Arduino — compiled and displayed on screen by Processing — sent to twitter with push of a button

    Sadly my camera was stolen very soon after finishing this and the only pictures and videos I have left are these shaky videos from when it was still being tested:

    I knew it was going to be used by a bunch of people at the demonstration, so I made sure to prevent anyone from posting bad words to the public twitter stream.

    Learning to Sew + Soft Circuits (2013)

    Thanks to media mixmaster Steve Daniels, am learning basics of sewing soft circuitry. As a visual, these pics show creating some “soft buttons” to use for testing circuits on the soon-to-be made Pong shirt. Thanks to Steve I’ve been introduced to a wide range of “wearables” design considerations and components.

    Eventually getting used as powered test buttons for my gaming tee:

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