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OLDER WORK (Graphic Design + Photo Editing 2006-2009)


    Graphic Design 06-08

    This is mostly OLD work made from 2006-09. Since 2009 I put aside graphic design work in order to learn interaction, experience design and interactive design skills (which included some focus on graphic and typography but not a lot). I've posted the below because graphic design is something I *can* do, but there isn't much recent work to show, and frankly a lot of the older+client work seemed too outdated to post. That said, having also done a lot of visual studes in the Ryerson School of Image Arts, I'm itching for the chance to try out my new and improved visual sensibilities once time allows.

    Some recent layouts (2011-13)

    From 2009-13 I did very little graphic design, focusing instead on learning interaction and experience design. Here's some of what I did produce from a Graphic Design course at the Ryerson School of Image Arts and various odds and ends that needed doing on other projects. I'm currently doing all U/X and graphic design for a mobile app (coming soon).



    Kids' Film Brochures (Sprockets 2006-07)

    Each month the Sprockets GlobeTrotters programme presented kids films from around the world, and at each screening visitors received educational brochures containing information and activities about the country of origin. I created many of these, handling the research and image creation (but not the layout) –– here are a few of many graphics, maps and activities I created for this series:

    Old + Misc Graphic Design + Photo Editing 2006-08

    During this time (06-08) I was just getting started into graphic design, and took on creating anything and everything, including logos, website graphics, flash animations, brochures, diagrams, sales tools etc.

    Simple Flash Animations

    Occasionally Used Flash for Small Client Slideshows or Web Elements

    Related Projects

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