Curator, TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace 2014

Curator of the award-winning digiPlaySpace, back at TIFF Kids for 2014 with an expanded lineup and several premieres.
digiPlaySpace 2014: Playing and Creating
In recognition that children innately learn through play, digiPlaySpace 2014 is focusing on Playing and Creating, allowing families to experience virtual-reality adventures, multi-player installations and learning-centric videogames, robotics, 3D printing, mobile apps, hands-on activities and workshops, from acclaimed Canadian and international artists.

Building on research, travel, connections, strategic partner development, childrens’ media scholarship and industry trends, my role as the curatorial lead was to engage artists spanning a range of interactive content forms.
Select Installations: 
With even more creative activities for kids to discover and play with this year, digiPlaySpace offers some of the world’s best interactive entertainment from award-winning international artists.
Visiting from France comes the Canadian Premiere of Water Light Graffiti, an interactive installation made of thousands of LEDs that shine brightly when you paint them with water.
From Brazil, TIFF Kids welcomes the Canadian Premiere of Super Pong, where 8 players at a time take the field to join in on fast-paced, collaborative goal scoring action inspired by Pong and Foosball.
Visitors can run, jump and dance their way into discovering the Canadian premiere of Halo, a light-based installation from Vancouver whose unique shape and vibrant animations evoke strong synaesthetic experiences.
Incredibly immersive, PaperDude VR invites you to hop on your bike, strap on a virtual reality headset and pedal your way through the most entertaining paper route imaginable in this homage to classic retro videogame Paperboy.
For a full listing of the international artists, creators, producers and partners of the TIFF Kids digiPlayspace 2014 please visit
Photo credits: Geoffrey Gunn courtesy of TIFF; Malcolm Gilderdale courtesy of TIFF; Nick Pagee

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