Co-Curator, TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace 2017

While curating the 2017 digiPlaySpace, I relocated to Sweden to complete an MSc, Interaction Design, and a Co-Curator was hired to carry on while I assisted from overseas.

I led curation of installations shown here; for the entire range of installations from digiPlaySpace 2017 please visit
Mimic artists Design I/O created a behind-the-scenes video outlining their creative process:
2017 Select Installations:

Mimic is a playful interactive installation that allows visitors to engage in a dialogue with a robot arm through gesture. The robot arm tracks people moving in the space, building up individual impressions of each person and reacting to their actions accordingly. These impressions are broken down into different robot feelings: trust, interest, and curiosity which in turn affect how cautious or playful the robot arm is in its responses. Mimic can interact with many people simultaneously changing its behavior and playfulness based on its feelings towards each person.
Logic&Form | Canada | WORLD PREMIERE

An interactive sculpture of 28 iPads that allows viewers to touch and move comets, solar systems, planets, and moons in a mini universe, from Vancouver-based artistic research and creative development studio Logic&Form
Videogamo | Argentina | CANADIAN PREMIERE

A five-player videogame in which four players compete in a variety of party games using two-button controllers. The fifth person takes on the role of the powerful Game Remixer, changing the variables of the games in real time through the console’s special knobs and buttons to turn the challenge (and the party) up.
Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Eirik Suhrke | The Netherlands/Norway | Canadian Premiere

Two to four people play against each other in this surprising and non-traditional interpretation of hockey. HOKY is only shown at events, with new, unique versions tailored to specific locations. This development is made possible by Stimuleringsfonds.
Douglas Gregory | Canada

Players take on the role of living dominoes and run around a table arena, leaving behind a trail of standing dominoes that can be toppled.Programme Note Credits: Design I/O; TIFF digiPlaySpace 2017.
Programme Note Credits: Design I/O; TIFF digiPlaySpace 2017.
Photo Credits: Design I/O; Maximo Balestrini; Geoffrey Gunn Courtesy of TIFF; Connie Tsang, Courtesy of TIFF, Tom Arban Photography, Courtesy of TIFF.

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